Drakaina is one of two original teams founded by Amber Wong in 2022. Originally, the team was founded to play the first Womens National Xball League (WNXL) in Europe. Drakaina is a purely female team that originally consisted of ladies from Norway, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine and France.

Normally, women and men are not separated in their own divisions, but WNXL was created to give women a separate platform. This has proven to be wise to promote the women in the sport, and to give the women someone to contact to get started. In the USA, after one season with WNXL, they have seen results in that there are more female paintball athletes in all divisions, there are more women who are present at the tournaments and there are more women who bet.

After Drakaina played together in France in 2022, the team decided to stay together. Amber passed on the baton, and the team is now owned by Carina Resve Karterud, but all the players help to organize. In 2023, the team consists of women from Great Britain, Brazil, Norway, France and Ukraine. Half of the team are also players on their respective national teams. The goal for this year is to win WNXL Europe and help build up the female representation of players within Paintball.

In 2023, the team will play:

The team has many supporters and sponsors:
- Rønholt Reball and Paintball club
- Glåmdal Paintball Club
- Llúcia Woods Photography
- Imperial Paintball Park
- Skirmish Pro Training Center
- Anthrax

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